Trenchless Applications

The Inserta Tee® lateral connection is tailor made for the trenchless technology industry. Because our fittings can be used with any type of mainline pipe or lateral pipe, their use in pipe bursting and CIPP lining is a very simple process.

Pipe Bursting Animation

For pipe bursting, Inserta Tee fittings can be used with any type or diameter of solid wall HDPE or PVC mainline. Our fittings allow you to connect any type of lateral from 2”-30”, and will meet all of the ASTM specifications for a watertight, air-testable connection. No excessive excavation is needed; just find the location for the lateral and remove just enough backfill to properly install the fitting.

For CIPP liners, the process is just as easy. We will need to know the thickness of the liner and the diameter of the mainline pipe. To install, cut away an area of the host pipe where the lateral is to be installed. Inserta Tee fittings will provide a watertight, air-testable connection directly installed in the liner.


Inserta Tee Trenchless Applications
Installed fitting for a sanitary line, DR17 HDPE
Inserta Tee Trenchless Applications
Clay pipe with a CIP liner
Inserta Tee Trenchless Applications
Connected lateral pipe

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