Trenchless Technology – Pipe Bursting

In today’s fast paced infrastructure rehabilitation market, there are many choices when it comes to replacement of old sanitary sewer lines. Pipe bursting is a technology that is growing very rapidly in this area because of the time and cost savings it can offer. Traditional methods of repair and replacement, most likely would be an open cut replacement of the old line with a new material. In an urban environment, or high traffic flow area the disturbance to businesses and the residents can be significant. Pipe bursting can greatly reduce the time it takes for such a project.

Lateral replacement or reinstatement is a major part of a pipe bursting project. The process of bursting the old line eliminates the existing laterals. As such, they need to be reinstated once the old pipe has been replaced. Traditional methods have included saddle tees, glue-on saddle tees, and fusible saddle tees. Traditional saddle tees typically do not perform to the standard of a watertight, testable system in most cases. They also require the disturbance of the backfill surrounding the host pipe. Fusible saddles are costly and require special equipment for installation. The Inserta Tee is a fast, efficient, and very effective way to reinstate a lateral connection. They are also watertight and testable to the ASTM D3212 standard for sanitary sewer pipelines. Contractors can install an Inserta Teeand reconnect the lateral pipe within a few minutes. The time savings alone can be a major factor in keeping the project on time and on budget. Inserta Tees are available with a variety of outlet types, covering all of the typically used pipe materials. For your next lateral rehabilitation project, consider the Inserta Tee to save time and money.