Tapping Polyethylene and Polypropylene Pipe

Tapping PE pipe is easier than many other types of pipe. We make Inserta Tees for PE solid wall, corrugated, and profile wall. To date there is no PE Sewer or Storm pipe we cannot tap. Corrugated PE pipe: we produce Inserta Tees for every manufacture of this type of pipe in a variety of connections fro any type of corrugated plastic pipe. Call us with your specific application, 503-357-2110.

Solid wall HDPE pipe: there are only two good ways to tap this pipe. Electro fusion saddles can provide a very good connection. The downside is they are expensive with a difficult and time consuming installation. Many people use saddles on this pipe which is a very bad idea. HDPE expands and contracts at a higher rate than most other pipes. It never stays the same so a fixed saddle is either too tight or too lose. Inserta Tees have a large real rubber sealing sleeve that accommodates the expansion and contraction. We seal the hole but allow the pipe to relieve itself. Our product can be smoke or air tested.

Profile PE Pipe: This pipe is popular in larger sizes. It is difficult to tap using anything other than an Inserta Tee. We can accommodate any size including large, 72” diameter pipes or manholes.

Hole Saws: We produce special hole saws that are deep enough to core the thick walls, retain the coupons, and drill all the way through in one effort.

Tapping Polyethylene and Polypropoleyne Pipe
Tapping Polyethylene and Polypropoleyne Pipe