Tapping Manholes

Inserta Tees can be used to tap manholes. We view a manhole as a piece of pipe turned on it’s end. It doesn’t matter if the manhole is a traditional Concrete or any of the new materials being used such as Fiberglass or PE. The only difference is the wall thickness and since we can accommodate almost any wall thickness, tapping manholes is easy. We also manufacture Hole Saws that can drill any of the materials used.

We produce manhole Inserta Tees 2 ways. First our traditional tap which connects any of your lateral lines to the exterior wall of the manhole. Our alternative method is used when an Interior Manhole Drop is needed. We extend the PVC hub through the wall of the manhole 3-4” into the interior space. The PVC spigot end is SDR 35/26 sized and has a bevel on the end to allow standard PVC sewer fittings to connect. Building an interior drop takes only a few minutes and standard pipe and fittings.