Tapping Concrete Pipe

Inserta Tees are the most effective method for tapping concrete pipe. All that is needed is the proper sized Wet Diamond Bit (we manufacture for sale and or rental ) and Inserta Fittings can tap any concrete main irregardless of diameter with a variety of different outlets from 2” to 30”. Our concrete Inserta Tees have been air tested by an independent Test Lab to 13 PSI. It doesn’t matter if the main is reinforced, elliptical, lined, or used for Storm or Wastewater.

Inserta Tees for use in concrete mains achieve their seal without penetrating into the ID of the pipe. If all cored surfaces of the concrete pipe need to be sealed, we can produce custom rubber sleeves that protect against sewer gasses. Call us to discuss any custom sewer connections, 503-357-2110.