Sewer Connections

Inserta Fittings Company is the broadest line of sewer connections. We also do connections for pipe lining and pipe bursting projects in North and South America. We can connect lateral lines into every type of Sewer or Storm pipe currently produced or in service. We have even made Inserta Tees for wood stave pipe. The fittings for Sewer applications differ from Storm only in that some Storm pipes are not air testable. When we manufacture Inserta Tees for tapping Sewer pipe we follow this formula;

  • Target the Tap
  • Customize the fitting to seal the hole
  • Make it watertight and air testable
  • And ship it within 24 hours

Sometimes it is not possible to meet the last requirement but we never miss it by much. To order Inserta Tees we need to know the following:

  1. What lateral line do you want to use type ( SDR 35/26, IPS, Sch. 40, C900 ) & size
  2. What is your mainline (this can be anything) Concrete, Clay, PVC, HDPE, CMP, or any of the ribbed or corrugated pipes. Just give us as much info as possible on the size of main and type.
  3. Remember you need to core the hole. We make Hole Saws for every type of mainline. You have to drill the right hole for an Inserta Tee and we sell and we rent the saws to do it.
Sewer Connections
Sewer Connections