Roof Drain Connections

Using reducing tee fittings for roof drain connections is a thing of the past!InsertaTee Fittings are the right solution for tying in roof drain leaders. InsertaTee is the most convenient, efficient and cost-effective solution for successful lateral connections!

Downspouts are one of the last features to be finalized on a building’s construction. For this reason, they often can be relocated from a 90% plan set, often used to order underground construction materials, to a final plan set. If a downspout is relocated on a structure after a tee fitting is ordered, then it can be troublesome to locate it, leading to excess cost of other pipe and fittings to tie into a previously installed tee.In some cases, the previously installed tee cannot be found or is not searched for, resulting in the abandonment of that tee (with an unsealed connection) and tying the newly relocated downspout line in with no fitting, resulting in terrible performance. When this happens, both the unsealed tee fitting and the made-up field connection can leak substantially causing unintended underground water near a building and soil migration near the building’s foundation; neither are good, and both can be easily solved. Utilizing InsertaTee is convenient for the contractor because they don’t have to worry about finding a buried tee fitting that may or may not be in relation to the final downspout placement.They can simply connect the downspout leader to the nearest pipe or storm structure and make a superior connection.

InsertaTee Fittings are efficient. Historically InsertaTee products have been made for one configuration (one lateral size going into one mainline size). We have improved upon this, especially for storm sewer and downspout connections, creating the Multi-fit Inserta Tee Fitting. The new multi-fit fitting allows for a single diameter fitting to fit into a range of mainline diameters. This new multi-fit fitting is ideal for downspout lateral connections, allowing a contractor to usually have one or two fitting part numbers to service all their downspout needs.

InsertaTee lateral connections are more cost effective than using reducing tee fittings. Aside from the old adage “time is money,” implementing Inserta Tee Fittings can be more affordable on sheer cost of material than a reducing tee fitting. Of course, using InsertaTee is quicker than the aforementioned field time spent finding an existing tee and therefore more cost effective on that front, but if the storm conveyance mainline is 12” or larger, then using an Inserta Tee Fitting is most likely less raw material cost than using a fabricated reducing tee. Check out for more information.