Electrical Vault Connections

Inserta Cable

Watertight and Air Testable connections to Electrical Vaults are compatible with concrete, polymer concrete, fiberglass, metal and all plastic materials. Due to our unique design Inserta Cable can tap any wall thickness from 4” or thicker concrete to ¼” plastic walls. These fittings require specific holes to be cored 4 ½’ & 6 ½”. We manufacture for sale or rental the saws needed to core any of these materials.

Available in 4” & 6” Sch 40 dimension outlets in different versions.

Heavy duty solvent weld:  Part # 4IPS80 & 6IPS80
This part is made from Sch 80 material with a solvent weld outlet

Heavy duty gasket outlet*:  Part # 4IPS & 6IPS

*We recommend this version.  The gasket connection allows the Inserta Cable to handle differential ground movement of 10 degrees in any direction without affecting the watertight seal.  We have been manufacturing this connection in the Sewer industry for over two decades where air testing is common.  We have air tested this connection in concrete to 13 PSI for 10 minutes.  This connection requires the conduit to have a ½’ bevel on the leading edge during installation.

Standard duty solvent weld: Part # 4IPS40SS & 6IPS40SS

Sch 40 is less expensive than the Sch 80 to solvent weld to DB conduit.

Two versions of Inserta Cable to tap electrical vaults
Two versions of Inserta Cable to tap electrical vaults
Inserta Cable connecting to concrete vault
Inserta Cable connecting to concrete vault