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Inserta Tee

Inserta Tee® provides a three-piece lateral connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve, and stainless steel band. Inserta Tee boasts the broadlest line of lateral connections in the world and can connect to all solid wall, profile, closed profile, and corrugated pipe manufactured today with unparalled performance.

Inserta Tee® Benefits

  • Inserta Tee can connect to the largest range of sizes in the industry and all drainage materials manufactured today. Inserta Tee connections range from 2” through 30” service laterals.
  • Inserta Tee’s high performance connections are watertight, air testable and highly durable.
  • Installation is easy and affordable. Installs without disturbing bedding and there is no need for glues, epoxies, grout or awkward gaskets.


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“We prefer the Inserta Tee, 10 to 1 over the Saddle Tee and are most pleased with ease of installation and the dependability of always passing the air test. We have installed hundred's of the Inserta Tee fittings over the last couple of years and it is our product of preference.”

James, Portland Utilities, TN

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