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INSERTA FITTINGS Co., was established in 1969 as an excavating and fabrication shop serving local market needs. The product was originally produced to provide a safer, faster method of lateral service connection. Extensive trenching to install saddles was no longer required. INSERTA TEE® provided a faster, higher quality, more cost-effective method to get the job done. In 1990, when the company changed hands, it offered one product the SDR35 in a limited number of sizes. Today, it offers a broad line of 10 products in a number of configurations and sizes with additional new products in various stages of R&D.

INSERTA TEE® is no longer a local product—it’s marketed throughout North and South America as a trusted brand. By combining new technology with down to earth problem-solving and "in trench" experience, INSERTA FITTINGS Co. offers you a significant improvement and cost effective solution for side-service connections - INSERTA TEE® is The Lateral Connection Solution®.


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